Metal Casting Class Red Deer July 22 -26, 2013

I'm also teaching a Casting Class at Red Deer College...

The art of lost wax metal casting for small sculpture or jewelry pieces is the focus of this workshop. Choose to work 
with either bronze or silver to create small sculptures, rings, or pendants. First create your objects in wax, then the 
pieces are surrounded in refractory material, heated until the wax has burned out and finally replaced with molten metal.

Repeat students are more than welcome.
July 22 -26, 2013

Leather masks Class Red Deer College July 8-12

I'm teaching a leather mask making class for series at Red Deer College this summer should be alot of fun!
This class will teach students how to form leather in to a diversity of functional and sculptural objects. Techniques covered will include cutting, stamping/ texturing, forming, riveting, dyeing and much more. Students will also be shown metalsmithing techniques allowing them to combine copper and brass with their leather work.
A class with limitless potential.  July 8-12



Store for the winter

100 beets and 455 carrots packed in peat moss. 61 pumpkins


Mini corns

At least they are not round up resistant.



Garden goodness

Solar pumpkin soup, monster tomato and beans